The Order Sons of Italy in America is the oldest, largest, and most geographically represented organization for Italian Americans. On the Local, State, and National level we aim to accomplish several goals:

  • Preserve and promote Italian heritage and culture

  • Raise funds and awareness for local, state, and national charitable endeavors

  • Engage community members at the local, state, and national level by organizing and participating in various civic efforts and events

  • Create and promote programs for social justice, such as those that combat discrimination

The Wakefield Lodge # 1734 is one of many local lodges that are part of the national Order Sons of Italy in America.  We celebrate, promote, and preserve Italian heritage and culture, run charitable events, and are involved in the greater Wakefield community.  We welcome all new members, both Italian-Americans and those of other ethnic backgrounds.

Order Sons of Italy in America

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MONTHLY MEETINGS: Second Tuesday of Every Month (except January and February). Location may vary.

Please email if you would like to attend one of our regular meetings. Come see what our Lodge is like before making your decision to join.